After a long break of blog writing, I decided to upgrade my old blog, renew my server os and upgrade my ghost blog version (0.0.1 to 2.0), so I can writing blog again with the updated new technologies.

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I start by read all the requirement on how to upgrade my server OS ubuntu and before that I also read on how to upgrade the ghost blog platform. I was using the old ghost blog version (0.0.1) and I was tempting upgrading it into 2.0 version.

I was so exited to write it down my new blog ideas soon. So I decided to do the upgrade A.S.A.P and after couple of quick reading of the upgrade guidelines. I decided to start doing it.

I was start backing up my old blog by exporting the content into json. It was seems all good. After that, I upgrading my old Ubuntu server into Bionic Beaver (18.04 LTS) and again it's all running well, all my data in my old server all delete after OS installation which is OKAY. I did adjustment of my nginX and MySQL database and lastly install the brand new ghost blog platform.

Next, after choosing the template which is cost me more time than doing the upgrading and installation. I tend to upload my json of my old blog contents.

And this is where I realised that Sh*t Happen!!!!
I forgot to backup my old blog content which are consist of my blog images which are all already deleted during upgrading the OS.

cp -r content /tmp/content-backup

I was trying not to panic at the first time, and i've a though that I can re-upload the image with the new one, then the next thing happen.

OMG! what did i do...
I head back to the blog upgrade guideline and found out that I must install the ghost version 1.0 first in order to import my old blog contents to the 2.0 version.

Lesson learned: Always read the documentation carefully :(

Probably I still can bring back my old blog in this new version by installing another version 1.o first in other subdomain, but maybe later.

Or maybe there is a way to do it without installing the version 1.0?
Please help me and share the way, if any, by leaving a comments below, thank you.

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